SMASH Studio is non-intimidating with different styles of dance & fitness lessons to fit your entire family's abilities.
SMASH Location has expanded from Las Vegas to San Antonio at 6709 Bandera Road. 210-954-6518
SMASH Exclusive. Our studio is small and exclusive, we try to keep our class sizes comfortable instead of over crowded.
SMASH VIP. Become a VIP member for only $59/month & receive NUMEROUS benefits including unlimited dance&fitness classes.
SMASH Outside Programs are offered at Villages of West Creek Community Center and at numerous San Antonio Daycare Centers.
SMASH Kids Program provides a positive active outlet for children who are in need of inspiration while looking for a fun way to get fit and find which style of dance inspires them most. We keep our costs low and affordable for parents by providing small fun showcases instead of expensive recitals.
SMASH Adult Programs provides a unique way for adults to learn to dance, get fit, and burn calories while having fun learning new styles of dance & fitness classes and appreciating music from different cultures in a non-intimidating, judge free, atmosphere. You will see and meet people of all ages, shapes, and abilities. We also try to reach adults who desire a transformation and inspiration to reach their ultimate fitness goals. We keep our rates AFFORDABLE by being a non-competitive business, we believe in working together with other businesses because we understand that we all have different abilities and needs.
For Kids we offer Ballet/Tap, Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Creative Dance, Daycare Dance & Children Camps themed in Princess, Shake It Up, HipHop & more!
For Adults we offer ZUMBA, XB Kickboxing, BootCamps, Kettle Bell, Strength Training, Adult Cardio Hip Hop and Vegas Stiletto Fitness. We also choreograph Quinceaneras, Sweet 16, Wedding First Dances, and offer fun weekend workshops in VSF Ladies Night Out, Pole Parties, Goddess Girls Night Out, & more!
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SMASH for the Community. SMASH believes strongly in giving back to the community. We have worked with numerous non-profit organizations in Las Vegas, NV & San Antonio, TX. Our showcase for charity proceeds are given back to the community through children dance scholarships and contributions to local charities so that our students get to give amazing performances for great causes.
SMASH Family is what we call ourselves because we want the studio to feel like a second home to you. Our AMAZING staff helps makes this possible. Not only will you always be greeted by our friendly helpful front desk staff but also each SMASH instructor was chosen because they have a super positive passion for dance and fitness that you will be able to feel and feed off of.
SMASH DANCE & FITNESS MISSION: Our mission is to help you reach your mission and have fun doing it!


6709 Bandera Rd. Leon Valley (inside the savings square plaza next to baskin & robins) 210-954-6518